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We're preparing to launch for a select group of early adopters.
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Welcome to Evergreen Wellness.

Evergreen gives you the tools you need to live healthy and well so you can get the most out of life.

Achieve your health goals

Find balance in busy modern life

Join a growing community

How It Works



Set Your Evergreen Goals

At Evergreen, we believe the compass is more important than the clock. That means where you're going is more important than how quickly you're going. Your Evergreen goals are your compass--they're the reason you want to live a healthy life and they're the foundation our platform works from to build an experience designed specifically for you.

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Get Weekly Milestones

Each week, the Evergreen platform will develop milestones to keep you moving in the right direction. These milestones will be based on your Evergreen goals, what has worked well for you, and what has worked well for people like you. The goal-setting system leveraged by Evergreen is modeled off methods used successfully by Fortune 500 companies.


Enjoy Daily Practices & Insights

Everyday you'll receive mental & physical wellness practices designed to help you reach your weekly milestones and achieve your Evergreen goals. You'll also get daily insights so you can learn how and why certain practices work. At Evergreen, we give you the tools to live healthy on your own terms.

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What We Offer

Evergreen is founded on the belief that true health & wellness is when your mind and body are in harmony.


Since everyone's minds and bodies are unique, what everyone needs will be unique. 


That's why we offer a diverse range of mental and physical wellness practices personally curated for you, along with the insights behind the practices and support from a like-minded community.

Some examples of what you can expect in Evergreen...

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Mental Health

  • Guided meditations

  • Breathing techniques

  • Gratitude practices

  • Mindfulness journaling

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Physical Health

  • Strength & cardio exercise

  • Nutrition & diet planning

  • Yoga

  • Qi gong, Tai chi



  • Daily insights

  • Ask-a-coach

  • Topic deep dives

  • Community Q&A



  • Meet new people

  • Invite your friends

  • Post thoughts & questions

  • Practice in groups

Designed for sustainable wellness in the demanding modern world.

Our platform is designed to make adopting a healthy lifestyle as easy and sustainable as possible.

Proven goal setting techniques used by Fortune 500 companies

Seamless integration with leading wellness products

Harnesses the power of behavioral science to work with you

We're preparing to launch for a select group of early adopters.
Sign up now to join and get a free premium membership ($120 value!)

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